March 24, 2019
Co-Creating With The Divine
The 7-Step Creative Process in the Bible
Do you sometimes feel that you have a greater potential then you’ve been able to demonstrate?  Greater creative thinking can bring about a more creative, orderly and fulfilling life.  Discover the metaphysical steps to bringing forth your divine potential as outlined in Genesis 1 and 2.

Day 3: Land- ImaginationImagination9
In order to move forward there must be a firm foundation – Faith.
Rev. Christine Boylan.

This Sunday’s Schedule:
9:00 – Class:  Keep A True Lent
10:30 – Family Celebration Service
10:30 – Pray Chaplain Dedication
11:45 – Fellowship
12:30 – Class:  Absolute Abundance
12:30 – Writers & Voices Rehearsal

Lent Into Easter 2019 Series: Co-Creating With The Divine
The 7-Step Creative Process in the Bible
March 10 – Day 1: Let There Be Light – Enlightenment
March 17 – Day 2: Firmament – Faith
March 24 – Day 3: Land – Imagination
March 31 – Day 4: Day & Night – Will and Understanding
April 7 – Day 5: Fishes & Fowl – Judgement and Wisdom
April 14 – Day 6: Creatures & Humans – Love and Wisdom
April 21
– Day 7: Sabbath & Rest – Let Go and Bloom

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