Sunday Celebration Service
June 25 – 10:30 am
What Do I Believe?
with Rev Christine Boylan

This Sunday Schedule:
9:00 – Sunday Morning Class:
Appreciation Rocks Beyond Measure (click title for the flyer)
10:25 – Children’s Church
10:30 – Celebration Service
11:45 – Hospitality
12:15 – Commitment Cards Q&A:
Rev Christine will be on hand to hear your concerns, questions, suggestions.


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We are glad you’ve stopped by to learn more about Unity of Greater Hartford.
We are a loving, spiritual community that honors all paths to God. Our Sunday Celebration Service is filled with inspiring messages and uplifting music. We are dedicated to the transformation of lives by creating a space for spiritual awakening, so that people can discover the spirit of God within.
At Unity of Greater Hartford, you’ll find the support and the tools for living an abundant life and expressing your divine potential. Our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services and ongoing classes provide opportunities to connect with friendly, like‐minded people, explore new thoughts and ideas, celebrate our oneness, and to grow spiritually. Come and find out more about our spiritual community. We look forward to meeting you!