We Envision and Create a Peaceful World
Rev. Christine Boylan
How can the Unity Five Principles help us create a more peaceful, harmonious and abundant world for all? Each week we will discuss on of our five Principles and explore how we might actually live it.  Together we will discover how these Principles can support us as we strive to create a more loving and peaceful world. This Series will culminate on August 4th with all of us watering our Unity grounds with our intentions, commitments, visions and dreams.

July 7Principle One: God is all Good &  active in Everything, Everywhere
July 14 – Principle Two:  We are naturally good because we are all one with the Divine.44fc5c6d1637554740af61c28ebf3860

July 21 Principle Three: We create our experiences by what we choose to think, feel and believe.

July 28Principle Four:  Through affirmative prayer and meditation, we align our hearts and minds with Spirit.
August 4 – Principle Five: Through thoughts, words and actions, we live the Truth we know.

This Sunday’s Schedule:

9:00 am – Class: Kindness Rocks!
Click HERE for class details
10:10 am – Sunday Volunteer Pray-In
10:30 am – Sunday Celebration Service
10:30 am – Unity Kids in Service (Community  Room)
11:45 am – Reiki
11:45 am – Fellowship

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