SUNDAY SERVICE CELEBRATION begins at 10:30 amDeb Giddings Oct 21 Talk Enews
October: Fearless Living
30 Days of Prayer & Action
Rev. Christine Boylan
Oct. 7th
– Moving Fear: Name It and Release It
Oct. 14 – See It Right, Not Make It Right

Oct. 21 Faith Over Fear
When we place our hearts, and our live, in the hands of our Divine identity – it is an act of faith.  Discover how the littlest amount of faith can overcome the largest fears

Oct. 28 – Courageously Living

This Sunday’s Schedule:
9:00 Class with the Prayer Chaplains
How to Pray Without Talking to God

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10:15 – Unity Kids Up Front
10:30 – Family Celebration Service
11:45 – Fellowship
11:45 – Reiki
12:00 – Unity Writers & Voices
12:30 – Unity Principles Class