What We Believe

  • Unity is a worldwide spiritual movement centered in universal spiritual principles that govern our human lives and our relationship to the energy of the divine.
  • We believe that these principles are taught and expressed through many different spiritual and religious paths.
  • While we gratefully find support and inspiration from many of these paths, we especially recognize these principles at the heart of the message and ministry of Jesus Christ, and we see them explained and explored through the teachings and stories of the Bible.
  • We understand Jesus Christ to be not just a great spiritual teacher, but the very exemplar of our own potential. By fully expressing his own Christ nature – his innate Oneness with the Power of God – he calls us to discover our own Christ nature, and shows us how to express it to transform our lives and, indeed, the entire world.
  • We understand that we are spiritual beings, here in human form to embrace the creative Power of the Christ, and to express it through every choice we make. The result will be the new
    consciousness that Jesus Christ describes as ‘the kingdom of heaven.’
  • We believe that we create the kingdom, step by step, as we link our human minds to Divine Mind through prayer and meditation. A commitment to the power of prayer – not as a beseeching request for divine favor, but as a focus of creative intention that allows the Divine to work through us – is central to Unity’s beliefs and energies.