What We Believe

What is Unity?

Founded as the School of Practical Christianity in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, today, Unity is a thriving, vital spiritual movement. Nonsectarian in its approach to religion, international in its outreach, Unity teachings and services are offered to everyone.

“Our objective is to discern the Truth in Christianity and then prove it. The Truth that we teach is not new, neither do we claim specific revelations nor discovery of new principles. Our purpose is to help and teach mankind to use and prove the eternal Truths taught by the Master.” — Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity

Unity is Practical Christianity which provides knowledge and awareness of divine principles or laws as taught by Jesus; as were practiced and expressed through him. These laws of life are the promises to men and women which are so freely given in the Bible. They are universal principles which anyone can learn to use to bring about blessings in any aspect of life, for they are as unfailing as the laws of mathematics and gravity. As an ancient profit said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Unity explains how the mind is the connecting link between us and God, and how to use our mind to bring forth effectiveness in each and every aspect of life. It teaches of the demonstrations of spirit in any area of life in which is a need. When we learn how to use our mind effectively we can accomplish great good for it affects each and every aspect of living.

True Unity churches learn of these laws by Bible stories, parables and other information on how Jesus lived and what he taught, for he said, “Follow me.” When we learn to work with this spiritual knowledge and understanding we can bring about a closer relationship with God and bring us to positive changes which lead to life transformation.

With an open mind and a willing heart, no matter what your religion, education, race, creed, sexual orientation or color, Unity can become a powerful tool for you.

What Does Unity Teach?

Unity’s Five Principles:

1. There is only one Presence and one Power active as the Universe and in my life. God the Good, Omnipotence.

2. Our essence is of God; therefore we are inherently good. This God essence was fully expressed in Jesus, the Christ.

3. We are co-creators with God, creating reality through thoughts held in Mind.

4. Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God. Denials and affirmations are tools we use.

5. Through thoughts, words, and actions, we live the Truth we know.

These Five Principles are often also described as such:

1 – God is absolute good, everywhere present.

2 – Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, The Christ spirit within.  Their very essence is of God, and therefore they are also inherently good.

3 – Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking.  Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.

4 – Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God‐Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good.

5 – Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough.  A person must also live the truth that he or she knows.

What Makes Unity Different?

  • Unity is an open door to all races, religions, sexual orientation and creeds with no attempt to convert or change.
  • Encourages thought, interpretive study, metaphysical interpretation and contemplation of the Bible with special emphasis on the teachings and ideas practiced by Jesus our mentor.
  • Teaches individual responsibility for one’s relationship with God while pointing out ways to enhance communion.
  • Does not infringe upon the lives of its participants by unsolicited visits; yet available upon request.
  • Places emphasis upon the power of thoughts, feelings and words.