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Unity Workshops, Classes & Events

Unity of Greater Hartford is currently holding all classes, workshops and meetings on Zoom. 

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In the past few year, we have held SEE (Spritual Education and Enrichment) Classes as well as Workshops and Classes on Unity Teachings and other thought provoking topics that assised people on their spiritual journey.

SEE classes we have provided:
Twelve Spiritul Powers
Christ in the Bible
Background of the New Thought Movement

Basic Unity Class or Membership Class:
Unity's Five Principles Class - This three week class is held three times a year and is a prerequiste to apply for membership. 

Prosperity Classes:
Absolute Abundance – A ten week class that will rock your understandings of prosperity and who you are.  There is a six week Level I Abundance that is a prerequist for the Absolute Abundance class.
Unity Prosperity Bank - A two week workshop that can bring discipline and awareness to your life.

Other Past Classes and Workshops:
Living Your Spiritual Priorities - A four hour workshop to help you create a blueprint for your life.
A Zoom Interactive Webinar The Enneagram A  Self Awareness Tool with Rev. Nhiên Vương, J.D., M.Div. 
Book Study - Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox and also Diagrams for Living by Emmet Fox
Basics of Bible Metaphysics - A two hour workshop to introduce the basics of Unity Bible Metaphyiscs. 
Denials and Affirmations - Living Them Today!
Life Concerns Workshops:  Discover Your Stage Presence; Self-Care in a Time of Chaos; Mastering Vulnerability, Communications Skills, Kindness Rocks. and many more!
Is there a topic you would like to receive instruction on?  Please let us know!  Email Rev Christine - revchris@unityhartford,org
Is there a workshop or class you would like offer? Please let us know!  Email Rev Christine - revchris@unityhartford,org