Sacred Service Teams

2020 Sacred Service Teams and Leaders 
If you are interested in serving, please email the Church Office at:
Team Leader:  Donna Marshall
Interview & training required
Team Leader: Bonnie Rowe 
Background check & training required
Care Team 
Team Leader: Elease Thomas
Team Leader: Lois DeMille
Holy Clicker Team
Team Leader: Rob Morehouse 
Training required
Team Leader: Jocelyn Smith 
Music and Choir
Team Leader: Carolyn Fischer 
Interview required
Team Leader: Deborah Giddings –
Must first take training and then be interviewed; Background check required
Team Leader: Diana Noel 
Interview & training required
Sunday Set-Up
Team Leader: Scott Harrison 
Training required
Team Leader: Wendy Billings 
Training required 
Worship Assistants 
Team Leader: Kirk Smallidge 
Training required 
Youth Program
Team Leader: Britney Jones
Background check required