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Because of our love and concern for the safety of everyone, we are only offering Sunday and Wednesday Eve services through Facebook.
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January 2021 - Sunday Celebration Service with Rev Christine Boylan

Homecoming: Leaving and Returning
Join Rev Christine in an exploration of The Parable of the Lost Son found in the Gospel of Luke 15: 11-32.  
This parable raises deep spiritual questions about leaving and returning home, about our inheritance and our struggles, and about forgiveness, compassion and so much more. 
For three weeks we will dig deep and discern our own spiritual journey as the Father’s younger child, the older child and also as the father.  Let’s start digging! 

January 10th – The Younger Child
How do you see yourself in the story of the younger child?  When do you leave home and travel to a far country and how do you find your way back home?
January 17th – The Elder Child 
How do you see yourself in the story of the elder child?  When have you used your spirituality as a place of avoidance?  
How has your resentment, jealousy, and demands for justice kept you from enjoying your father’s house? 

January 24th – The Father
How do you see yourself in the story of the father?  When have you been able to meet others and yourself where you are in the moment? 
How has faith, compassion and love enabled you to rise up as the father?


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