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ZOOM BOOK STUDY CLASS:  What Are You? by Imelda Octavia Shanklin

This book study class will be facilitated by Rev Christine and held for three consecutive Monday evenings: July 19, 26 & August 2 – from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  The book was highlighted during two Sunday Celebration Services - July 4 & 11 - watch the videos HERE 

With practical metaphysical insights, Shanklin explores the meaning of life, the divinity of humankind, and our true relationship with God. Learn how your consciousness, your goals and objectives, and your resources are your identity. Find out why "you are what you think" and how you can use your thoughts as tools to a deeper understanding of what you really are. This amazing Unity book which is now in its 26th reprint encourages us to move from Who am I to What am I.  The author writes that the error in our minds when we think of the WHO and not the WHAT is the source of every misunderstanding in life that upsets us.
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July 25, 2021 - Sunday Celebration Service with Theresa Crisci, LUT

                                           Spiritual Understanding Empowers My Life
Like all the 12 Powers or Disciplines, Spiritual Understanding is always active in our life,
but how are you consciously using it? How does Spiritual understanding add to and empower our lives? 
What is "standing under" your thoughts and beliefs?  Join us this Sunday and learn how to live
an empowered life using your power of Understanding.

Our Guest Speaker: Theresa Crisci, LUT
Theresa is a Licensed Unity Teacher who has facilitated numerous classes at Unity Center of Norwalk, CT.  She regularly assists with Unity Center of Norwalk’s Sunday Services and has been a guest speaker. She is the author of a 2020 book, From Stressed to Blessed. A former massage therapist, Theresa owns and operates a health and wellness business, Total-Balance Life Choices “TLC”, LLC.  She is a graduate of the University of New Haven and received her MBA from Sacred Heart University.

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