World Day of Prayer 2020

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Unity World Day of Prayer at Unity Village  - it's not too late!  Watch the video above and be inspired by prayer and personal experiences. Also be inspired and uplifted by the wonderful Eddie Watkins music and songs: We Come Together, Peace on Eath, God Is I Am, All Our Needs Are Met, I Fly, Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Thank You God For Everything!   

Thank You To All Who Participated in Unity of Greater Hartford's World Day of Prayer!
2020 Theme:  From Fear To Faith 

We are grateful for our wonderful Prayer Chaplains who created a special day and evening of activities for World Day of Prayer!  

The Daytime Zoom Gatherings centered around three Relection Questions and the discussions and prayers were powerful and inspirational:

Reflection Question 1 - How do you look beyond troubling circumstances that provoke fear, looking instead through the spiritual lens of faith?  Can the feeling of fear truly be misplaced faith, prompting you to change your focus to faith?
Reflection Question 2  - How does knowledge of and faith in your oneness with God help you move from fear to faith?  What capacity does this knowledge give to you? How do you hold your mind faithful?
Reflection Question 3  - What can you do today to live expectantly, to faithfully conform your actions to the truth that all things are possible in the light of Spirit?

The Evening Outdoor Service was uplifting and infilling - please go to our FaceBook page to watch.

During this Evening Service, Rev Christine gave us three steps to take to support us in moving from fear to faith, from darkness to light:

Our First Step is Becoming Aware
This is where we become aware that right here & now we have some fear in our mind and hearts – a certain level of darkness.  Becoming aware and calling it out moves this fear out of the darkness into light – please light one candle as you affirm: "Fear is only a temporary feeling that has no real substance"
Our Second Step is to Deny Fear our Power
Now that we clearly see and feel fear in us, we acknowledge the emotion AND we deny that it has any real power – that I alone can give it power or deny it power.  As we deny fear our power we move fear out of the darkness into light - please light a second candle as we affirm: "I take back my divine power from fear and fear is powerless"
Our Third Step is to Affirm Our Oneness With the Divine
In this now moment we remember that we are always one with the Divine, God, Spirit and so all that is of God is available to us anytime we consciously choose. As we affirm our ever present oneness with the Divine we move fear out of the darkness into even more light - please light a third candle as we affirm: "There is only one power and one presence - God - and I am always one with this endless Source of all good."
Our Fourth Step is to Proclaim Our Deep Bottomless Faith 
Since we are always one with the Source of all,  this power of Faith is always ready and available to us.  It can never be depleted – it can never disappear.  This inner faith allows us to see through our spiritual eyes, to know who we truly are and to live not in fear but in joy and doing so we move fear out of the darkness into a blazing light - please light a fourth candle as we affirm: "Moving from Fear to Faith I see my life through spiritual eyes I trust my divine identity as the greatest reality and I live in joyous expectation"
Take a moment right now to look around you and see the light you created and now close your eyes and see that light in your heart for that is where it lives ready to be called up to shine in the world --- as you, as faith, as God in expression - the light in the world!  And we are all grateful! Amen!